Data and information for planning and permitting of offshore renewable energy developments in Irish waters

As part of the implementation of the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan, the Environmental Working Group was set up to ensure the sustainable development of Ireland’s offshore renewable energy resource.  The group is establishing the requirements for environmental data collection and the monitoring of potential environmental impacts arising from the development of offshore renewable energy installations.


The Environmental Working Group recently collated an inventory of relevant data currently available in Ireland. The objective of this inventory is to identify sources and availability of environmental, social and economic data relevant to all offshore renewable energy developments from testing, site investigations, construction, production and decommissioning.  This is a valuable source of information for the planning and permitting of offshore renewable energy developments in Irish waters.  This inventory points to all sources of relevant data which is currently collected and available. A link to the inventory can be found here:


While this is an extensive list, it is noted that it may not be comprehensive and additional data may need to be collected as part of project preparation. Additional data requirements will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the Marine Institute (MI) will monitor the inventory to ensure data lists and links are kept up to date. Any additional links to suggested relevant data are welcome and should be emailed to  While SEAI and MI have made every effort to ensure the relevance of the datasets, neither organisation is responsible for the quality of data


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