MARINERG-I Project launched in Brussels- Testing infrastructures united to create an integrated centre for delivering Offshore Renewable Energy

The H2020 marinerg-i project was launched yesterday in Brussels. This represents an important initiative that sets out to develop an integrated European infrastructure to facilitate future growth and development in the offshore renewable energy sector.  

Senior EU representatives with responsibility for research and development of offshore renewable energy gathered today for the official launch. Also attending were key industry representatives for whom the integrating activity of marinerg-i will play a critical role in the process of developing technologies from concept through to market.

The H2020 marinerg-i project is coordinated by the MaREI Centre at University College Cork Ireland, has a budget of €2m and will run until June 2019. With 13 partners in 12 countries, (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark), marinerg-i brings together all European countries with significant testing capabilities in offshore renewable energy. 

This official launch event highlighted the importance of the H2020 marinerg-i project as an essential first step in realising the partnering facilities’ combined vision to form an independent legal entity and be adopted onto the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap in 2020. Marinerg-i will thus be positioned to strengthen European scientific and engineering expertise and foster innovation in offshore renewable technologies. By consolidating investment in specialised infrastructure and expertise across Europe, marinerg-i will offer the best quality service and will act as a magnet to attract further funding.

According to project coordinator Jimmy Murphy “our vision is to ensure that marinerg-i will accelerate the research, development and deployment of offshore wind, wave, tidal and combined energy technologies and maintain Europe as a global leader in this industry”. 

The project aims to develop both scientific and business plans addressing governance, legal, financial and strategic issues which will facilitate its inclusion in a 2020 ESFRI roadmap application. It will also standardise best practice, improve efficiency, and create an e-infrastructure blueprint to facilitate remote access and enable a radical improvement in data management.

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Marine Institute