Updates to the Ocean Energy Portal

The Ocean Energy Portal (“the Portal”) developed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the Marine Institute, is a “first stop shop” enabling developers to engage with Ireland’s ocean energy support sectors aswell as providing the most relevant and up to date industry information. It brings together information from 26 different agencies involved in supporting and developing the sector.

The portal acts as a ‘sign-post’ to guide developers through the supports available in Ireland for the development of the marine renewable energy sector. SEAI and Marine Institute continue to work on the portal to make sure the information on the site remains relevant and up to date. Recent updates to the Portal include:

1.     Mean Current Data for Galway Bay

Real time observations are taken from the Wave Buoy located at the Galway Bay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site, off the coast of Spiddal in County Galway. The existing dataset has been extended to include Current Speed data. This offers Ocean Energy developers a more complete picture of the Galway Bay test site environment.

2.     The Marine Renewable Energy Atlas

For the first time developers can map and layer data sets relevant to the marine renewable sector on a free GIS system. Come visit the page at: http://ow.ly/U2hL5

3.     Future Portal Updates

Future Portal updates will include additional offshore data via the Commissioner of Irish Lights (CIL) lighthouses and buoys. The CIL buoys are equipped with meteorological and oceanographic (MetOcean) sensors and transmit their data to CIL headquarters via AIS Metocean Buoy’s. This information will be available through the Portal in the near future. 

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